The CulturekeY Methodology: 4A

A like: Awareness

Informing, perceiving, sensing, tasting, feeling the differences that we are confronted to. The aim is to just know that those differences exist and will always be there to highlight “otherness”

A like: Acceptance

Learning to understand the meaning behind what we perceive as different, enables us to accept that these are established facts and habits for others. Acceptance does not necessarily mean agreement.

A like: Adaptation

Living in and working with culturally different environments may require we develop new strategies to interact appropriately in order to reach agreements or achieve our goals, or simply, create new living harmony. At this stage it is important we reinforce existing skills and competencies as well as develop new ones by shifting codes and adapting when necessary and meaningful. This is how we demonstrate our cross-cultural flexibility: consciously and respectfully.

A like Adoption:

Only if we decide, and because events and experience have proven truly beneficial to us, may we consider expanding our values framework by taking into it, adopting, new references that were previously not ours. Adoption means we broaden our worldview and demonstrate the ability to work and live in more culturally complex environments.